3 Steps to Get Over Traditional Advertising

The following is a guest post by Holly McKie, Founder of HM-2.

Ahem… “The full-page (& really pricey) real estate ad in the weekend paper is dead. Yep- Even for Grand Openings.” 

A friend lamented the other day,  They put another full-page ad in the paper…and were able to track 13 guests to the models. I don’t get why we are still putting money into newspapers.”

My guess is that in this tough market, traditional channels can feel safe. And in Real Estate..it only takes 1 buyer of a $500,000+ home to make the ad worth it.

That said, if the $10,000+ was spent in another channel, would the return be higher?  Does it make a difference that these days over 70% of people feel advertising lies? (source: 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer).  Continue reading “3 Steps to Get Over Traditional Advertising”

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